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{Gameinfo |title = buggyGame |image = Image:Buggygame.jpg |caption = Screenshot of buggyGame |genres = Side-scrolling games |genre = |developers = |developer = Chris Hopp |code licenses = |code license = GPL v2[1] |media licenses = |media license = Free Art License[1] |engines = |engine = |latest release = 0.3 |release date = March 28th, 2007 |languages = |language = Python |libraries = |library = Pygame }}

buggyGame is a single-player side-scrolling survival-exploration game where a moon buggy is driven across the surface of Earth and Moon. Written by Chris Hopp during the Ludum Dare competition the game uses the Python programming language and the Pygame library.

The story goes that the player is an astronaut about to explore the moon, but his/her buggy just bluescreened (apparently, it was written using the Evil Empire's code). The player must now manually navigate his/her frail buggy to his/her rocket to win.

The code is licensed under the GPL v2 while the media is licensed under the Free Art License.[1]


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