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Photo of Chris Hopp
Nick name(s): fydo
Project(s): buggyGame,, Search for the Red Herring, Magic Gardeners Tournament, and GalaxyMage
Used license(s): Free Art License, GPL
Position(s): Artist,Programmer

Chris Hopp, also known as fydo, is a software developer and systems analyst living in Alberta, Canada. Hopp is working for the Alberta Provincial Project for Outcome Assessment in Coronary Artery Disease. He is a fan of Python and Pygame. Hopp participates in the PyWeek and Ludum Dare contests.

Games and Contributions[edit]

As a child, Chris Hopp wrote basic games in BASIC. More recent games by him are buggyGame and

He created graphical assets for Search for the Red Herring, Magic Gardeners Tournament and contributed to the GalaxyMage project.

He also co-founded and is the primary artist for HoleInTheHeadStudios.

He has released some of his graphics under the FAL.[1][2][3]


Hopp plays video games, board games and role-playing games for entertainment. He also enjoys drawing and playing the guitar[4]. He has also created stop-motion movies.[5]


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