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Latest release4.4.109  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 23rd, 2016
DeveloperEric House
Code licenseGPL [1]
Media licenseGPL [1]
P. languageJava

Crosswords is an Android game that is based on the rules of Scrabble. Older versions are available for PalmOS and PocketPC. There is a single player mode where the player is against one or more computer opponents. Multiple player mode is available through Bluetooth or over the internet through a central server.

In addition to the default word list, additional word lists can be downloaded from online within the application. The default lists are BasEnglish2to8, CollegeEng_2to8 (the default for human players), and Top5000 (the default for computer players). A more comprehensive word list is OWL2_2to15.

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