Fish fillets remake (2022)

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Fish fillets remake (2022)
Screenshot with retro color scheme
GenrePuzzle, Game remake
Release date2022-1-29
PlatformsWindows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS
Code licenseGPL Version 3
Media licenseCC BY-SA Version 3.0
P. languageLua
Library3dreamengine, moonvox, talkies
Fish fillets remake (2022) is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Fish fillets remake is a new version of the old wonderful puzzle created by ALTAR interactive with lua and love using modern libraries, not to be confused with the port of 2011 Fish fillets next generation.


Fish Fillets Commercial, freeware, released on 1998, 70 levels,

                       Windows (win32), delphi pascal, license GNU/GPL since 2004, 

Fish Fillets - NG Open source, released on 2004, 80 levels(10 extra),

                       Linux, FreeBSD,windows, MacOsX, C++, SDL, LUA, license GNU/GPL,             <>

Fish Fillets remake(2022) Open source, in development, 80 levels (from Fish Fillets NG)

                       All platforms supported by love(Linux,Windows, MacOSX, android, IOS),
                       Lua, Löve

This new remake is made in Lua and Löve from scratch, the levels and dialogs are directly ported from the port of 2004 Fish fillets Next generation, everything else is new including the code and assets*.

  • The classic assets has been added a posteriori and they've been fully upscaled with A.I. Resolution has been increased up to 4 times. You can select the assets you want to use from the graphics menu.


- Higher resolutions supported: from 1080p till 4k and 8k resolution on selected levels. - New 3d graphic mode: The game features 2 graphic modes that can be switched on and off at any time (2d and 3d mode) - Classic mode: Play with the original graphics with (or without) upscaled graphics (up to 4 time more resolution). - New hand made original assets, 3d assets and A.I. based assets and backgrounds. - Level editor. - Advanced graphics effects such as caustics, CRT, godsray effects, scanlines, chromatic aberration and many more. - The RGB color gamma can be fully customized (RGB values can be edited individually and with several color presets) - Native support for arm and touch devices thanks to love compatibility on arm* - Scripts dubbed in 9 languages so far: English (American and British), French, German, Spanish (Latin America), Dutch , Swedish, Polish, Czech and Russian.

The 80 levels of Fish fillets generations are included.

The game is still under development and many assets and features will experiment changes. New levels and / or mechanics can added in future releases (this article will be updated as the development progress).

  • The mobile version of the game lack some features of the main game due compatibility or performance issues: There's no 3d mode for android.

External Libraries[edit]

The following Love Libraries are used and included:

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