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{Gameinfo |title = FreeRCT |image = File:FreeRCT.png |caption = FreeRCT |genre = Economic simulation |developer = Albert Hofman (Alberth), Richard Wheeler (Zephyris) |code license = GPLv2[1] |media license = GPLv2[1][2] |engine = |latest release = |release date = August 14th, 2013 |release date iso = 2013-08-14 |release announcement= |language = C++, Python |library = SDL |platform = Windows , Linux

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FreeRCT is an amusement park simulation game in early stages of development. It is inspired by the proprietary game RollerCoaster Tycoon.


The old RollerCoaster Tycoon proved still popular, and the idea of a more flexible engine along the lines of OpenTTD floated around on the Transport Tycoon forums.[3] As there was no free equivalent for the old proprietary prototype, OpenTTD developer Alberth and OpenGFX artist Zephyris started FreeRCT development.[4] As it is a reimplementation from scratch, they avoid the legal questions OpenTTD sometimes raised in its first years.

Sprites are made as 3D Blender models, so that the actual rendering can be mostly automated.[5]

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