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Freedroid RPG-0.16.1-screenshot.png
Fighting a larger bot with the help of one hacked earlier.
GenreRPG, Post-apocalyptic
Latest release1.0  (Announcement)
Release dateJanuary 22nd, 2023
PlatformsLinux, FreeBSD, Haiku , Mac, Windows
DeveloperFreedroidRPG dev team
Code licenseGPL v2 or later[1][2]
Media licenseGPL v2 or later[1][2]
P. languageC, Lua
FreedroidRPG is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.
Available as a package in:  
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FreedroidRPG is an isometric RPG, it's code and content are licensed under the GPL.[1][2] The game uses OpenGL hardware acceleration by default but can also use SDL graphics.[2]


The gameplay is similar to other isometric games like FLARE where left clicking on a location will interact with it, either by movement, attacking, message, or dialog. Players can interact with a number of objects including fighting enemies, talking to NPCs, reading signs, opening chests, smashing barrels and boxes, and logging on to computer terminals. The game is progressed by completing a series of missions.

The player can acquire different items, weapons, armor and circuits from defeated enemies, chests, boxes and barrels. Valuable circuits is the currency in FreedroidRPG's post-apocalyptic world, they can be traded for other goods and services at different NPCs.

A tutorial is included in all of the newer releases.


Generally there are four ways of fighting enemies: melee, ranged, programs, or hacking. Melee attacks require melee weapons (or no weapons) and ranged attacks require ranged weapons and ammo. Program attacks require getting in-game Source books, learning them, loading them, then right clicking to "run" the program. Finally Hacking requires loading the hacking program and right clicking on an enemy to start a mini-game (like Paradroid which the original Freedroid classic duplicated).


In addition to the main game, and the hacking game, there are several sub-games for the player to experience. Including a parody nethack game, a concise thermonuclear war game, and several gambling games. These games are run though dialog so there are very few options for the player to take.


The game starts with a mysterious message from Dvorak, First AI, after which the player is awoken from cryogenic storage. She/he takes the form of a human sized penguin, an alien from another planet. FreedroidRPG takes place in a not too distant future where a huge population of bots, most of which produced and controlled by a single company, have risen against their former masters, killing a large part of humanity and taking over control of the galaxy. The small town where the player is awoken hopes that, with her/his help, they can hold out against the bots, and who knows, maybe even win against them.

The player must struggle not only to survive in a cruel world ravaged by the depredations of a robotic apocalypse, but fight back and free the survivors from the tyranny of a world awash in closed source software and determine his own fate.


  • Dr. Francis Spark, the scientist in charge of the cryogenic facility (Cryogenics Solutions: "Take the fast trip to the future with Cryogenic Solutions!") where the player is found.
  • Sorenson, a programmer who has gone crazy after writing one-too-many lines of proprietary COBOL code.
  • Ewald, a bartender with a penchant for gambling and nothing to serve but cold water.
  • Spencer, leader of the Red Guard.

And many others, including humans, robots, and everything in-between.


  • Selfish human, Tux. It is friendly to everyone and hostile towards bots.
  • Civilians, humans who just want to be left alone.
  • Crazy, people that were pissed off by Tux. They are civilians that are hostile to Tux.
  • The Red Guard, an organization that seems to protect the remnants of humanity, but at what cost?
  • Rebels, those who would oppose the Red Guard's methods (not yet implemented as of 0.16.1).
  • MegaSys, a corporation that seems to have succeeded in achieving world domination by ironically killing their stockholders... and everyone else.
  • Singularity, an AI which hates everyone but Tux and bots.
  • Neutral does not attack anyone, neither is it being attacked
  • Test as well does not attack anyone, neither is it being attacked


Starting from version 1.0 FreedroidRPG is structured in acts. Act 1 is considered complete, a preview of Act 2 is also shipped.


The MBROLA text-to-speech-system was used to generate voices.[3] Most of the core engine code is written in C with dialogs and similar actions written in Lua for ease of use.

In the 2012 FOSDEM Game Devroom, Arthur Huillet gave a presentation discussing a number of important design decisions of FreedroidRPG.[4]

After the release of 0.16, development began on a second act of the game.

Version history[edit]


The following lists some past and present developers in no particular order:

  • Andrew A. Gill - voicing
  • Arthur Huillet - maintainer, programming
  • Arvid Picciani - music
  • Bastian Salmela - art
  • Chris Hoeppner - sounds
  • Doris Stubenrauch - voicing
  • Jeff Fox - programming, story/characters
  • Johannes Prix - art, level design, programming, story/characters, sounds, voicing
  • Karol Swietlicki - story/characters
  • Leslie Viljonen - programming
  • Reinhard Prix - programming
  • Simon Newton - level design, programming, story/characters
  • Tiina Heinonen - voicing
  • Zombie Ryushu - testing
  • Stefan Huszics
  • J.K. Wood
  • Stefan Kangas
  • Ari Mustonen
  • Miles McCammon
  • Alexander Solovets

And many others!

FreedroidRPG was selected as a mentor organization for the 2010 Google Summer of Code.

Non-English Languages[edit]

Translations were reintroduced at release 0.16, hosted on Transifex[5]. Current available languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Czech
  • Swedish
  • Italian
  • Spanish


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