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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a network of free games and free games development related services started by Charles Goodwin. The domain name was registered on August 9th, 2009.[1]


A forum was part of Free Gamer. It was hosted by but lost many posts when it was very active.[2] As a consequence Ghoulsblade and Hagish offered to host a new forum.[3]

This new forum slowly evolved to after Charlie registered the domain name for it and became less active. On the other hand Ghoulsblade and Hagish started building projects around the forum, for example FreeArtSearch and Planet[4]

Forum projects[edit]

Many of the forum's features were created by Goodwin:


The planet aggregate RSS feeds from free game development blogs. It went online on October 19th, 2007.[6]

Developer Wiki[edit]

A wiki about free software game development. It is a joint effort between and Unix Game Development.

Wiki watch[edit]

This planet aggregate RSS feeds from free game wiki and projects. It was setup on February 25th, 2008.[7]

Art search[edit]

Search FOSS arts across game projects. It was developed by ghoulsblade.

Common Media Project[edit]

This project aim to create thematic media packages for game developers. The project was proposed by forum user and artist bwschram on August 23th, 2009[8]

Free game database[edit]

Unlike most other game database sites such as the Linux Game Tome, this database is going to feature exclusively free games. It is being developed by Michalg.

The idea originated from a thread that was discussing the possibility of the collaborating with the Tigsource Database. Eventually it was split off into its own thread.[9]


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