Hikou no mizu

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Hikou no mizu
GenreArcade fighting game
Latest release1.0.1  (Announcement)
Release dateOctober 19, 2023
DeveloperDuncan Deveaux
Code licenseGPL v3[1]
Media licensesCC-BY-SA 4.0, CC-BY 4.0, CC-BY 3.0, OFL 1.1 [2]
P. languagesC++
Hikou no mizu is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.
Available as a package in:  
Flatpak logo.png Flatpak: org.hikounomizu.HikouNoMizu

Hikou no mizu is a fighting game with an anime and manga theme.

There are currently three player characters (Hikou, Takino, and Hana), controllable by keyboard or joystick, and a variety of interactive arenas of different sizes. Players can move left and right, jump and crouch, and can attack by either punching, kicking or chucking a throwing star. There can be as many as six players on one screen in local games, which can include computer controlled players. The winner of the match is the last one standing.

Networked multiplayer is supported as of version 1.0. It lets players join a server and roam in the arena with other peers until enough players have connected, such that a game can be started. Games are organized as a set of rounds, and complete once a player has won the required amount of rounds. After that, the arena is changed and a new game is queued.


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