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A random map, with 8 players, and 20 cities.
Latest release0.3.2  (Announcement)
Release dateApril 29nd, 2020
DeveloperBen Asselstine and others.
Code licenseGPL[1]
Media licenseGPL[2]
P. language C++
LordsAWar! is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.
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LordsAWar! is a GPL, turn-based strategy game which is intended to be similar to Warlords II. It was created from the original C++ code base of the old Freelords project. Freelords has subsequently been restarted and has switched to Java.[3] LordsAWar! was written by Ben Asselstine.[4]

Game play[edit]

LordsAWar! is a turn-based strategy game where up to 8 players strive for control of as many cities as possible. Produce new armies in cities to conquer nearby cities. Using the income from those cities, make more armies to take more cities. Send a hero to a temple to get a quest, or maybe search a nearby ruin instead. You can play against the computer or over the network.

LordsAWar! was forked from Freelords in early 2007. It was an amicable fork because the C++ version of Freelords was being dropped in favour of a rewrite in java. The game is now very different from it's orginating parent, but the class structure of the game remains similar. It uses gtkmm for widgets and SDL for audio. The game has been translated into Danish, and has an online user's manual. Much of the media in LordsAWar! has been created specifically for the game. This game does not require 3D hardware acceleration.

The game is very similar to Warlords II (1995), and has largely achieved feature parity with the original. The game also has features that the original game does not; such as: larger maps, network play, more reports, usable items, and the game comes with the freedom to run, modify, study, and share the game.

You cannot import your old saved games from Warlords II, but LordsAWar! does have a Scenario Editor similar to Warlords II Scenario Builder.

The game is available for download in Debian, Exherbo, Fedora, FreeBSD, Ubuntu and many more GNU+Linux distributions. It has not been ported to Windows or Mac OSX yet.

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