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This article needs update. Some news: a non-free fork called "Nexuiz", a free fork called Xonotic.

Nexuiz v2.2.3
GenreFirst person shooter
Latest release2.5.2
Release date1st October 2009
DevelopersForest Hale, Lee Vermeulen
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL

Nexuiz is a multiplayer 3d first person shooter, based on Forest Hale's DarkPlaces engine, As of 2010-02-22 on release 2.5.2, released on October 1st, 2009.[1]

Lee Vermeulen and Forest Hale are the project leaders. The development team is called Alientrap. Source code and content are both licensed under the GPL.[2][3][4]


Nexuiz features a small single-player campaign and bots, but is designed for online multiplayer mode.

Game modes[edit]

The main game modes are variants of FFA (Free For All) and CTF (Capture the Flag). Many game variants are possible, such as instagib (one shot, one kill) or FFA rockets (free for all where the only weapon available is the rocket launcher).


Lee Vermeulen, the project's founder, wanted to create a standalone deathmatch Quake 1 mod, consisting of five maps, four weapons, one player model and maps in the Half-Life map format. After he asked for help in the forum of CGchat, Forest Hale and many other future team members contacted him. The DarkPlaces engine was selected to be used for the project. As the engine developed, more content was added to take advantage of the advancing engine: Nexuiz switched to Quake 3's map format, introduced bump mapping and many other technological improvements were added.[5]

Vermeulen states that he was trying to hype the game in the beginning of the project, but that he then concentrated on finishing it. He also said that his main job was to nag the project's members to do their work.[6] Nexuiz successfully reached a stable form because of its simplicity, which allowed it to be developed over the internet.[7]

Version 1.0 was released on May 31, 2005.[1]

Version 2.5 was released on April 3rd, 2009.[8]

Version 2.5.2 was released on October 1st, 2009.[1]


When reaching a kill count of minus five (via suicide and/or team killing), the player will hear the word "Botlike," which is a reference to Unreal Tournament and the low quality of the first Nexuiz bots.[9]


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