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Passage 3 by Jason Rohrer screenshot.png
GenresRPG, Autobiographical
Latest release3
Release dateDecember 13th, 2007
DeveloperJason Rohrer
Code licensePublic Domain
Media licensePublic Domain
Passage is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Passage is an autobiographical RPG game by Jason Rohrer. It is his third game and the second to be released in the public domain. The source code is available on the homepage, so this is free software (the source code package contains a non-free piece of developer utility software, which is not needed on Debian)[1]. The game has been selected for the gamma256 event.[2] The latest version of the game is 3 released on December 13, 2007.[3] It uses the SDL library and its default resolution is 600x90.


SPOILER WARNING: below text or images contain information which should better be received by playing the game than here.

The game is about the fact that we are mortal. It chronicles a person's life from childhood to adulthood in the matter of five minutes. At the end of the five minutes, the player automatically dies. At the beginning of a player's life, the field of vision is very much forward oriented, representing the future. However, as the player age, the field of vision extends back, representing looking back to the past.

Players score points by going forward and opening up treasure chests. The player can score even more if the player obtains a wife, although it will slow him down.


Passage has been well received and often praised for invoking emotions as well for its deep symbolism. Some detractors say the game is boring, or sometimes they claim it was not a game at all. It was covered by many gaming sites and featured on some of the world's most popular blogs.[4]

Version history[edit]

Version Date
1[5] 2007-11-01
2[5] 2007-11-13
3[5] 2007-12-13


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