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{Gameinfo |title = Pillows |image = Image:Pillows.jpg |caption = Pillows |genres = |genre = |developers = |developer = Chris Hopp |code licenses = |code license = GPL |media licenses = |media license = FAL |engines = |engine = |latest release = 0.2.1 |release date = October 12th, 2007 |languages = |language = Python |libraries = |library = Pygame }} Pillows is a game created as a PyWeek warmup by Chris Hopp using the python programming language and the pygame library.


In Pillows, an unknown enemy has launched several nuclear warheads at the earth. You must cushion the impact by catapulting pillows under the warheads to keep them from exploding and destroying the planet. The game code is licensed under the GPLv2.0, and the game art is released under the FAL[1]. The latest version is Version 0.2.1 on October 12th, 2007.


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