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Primrose is a puzzle game by Jason Rohrer and Jason Rohrer's sixth game.[1] It uses the SDL library, with the exception of the iPhone OS port.[2] It has been released into the public domain.[2] The source code is available on the home page, so this is free software. Rohrer charges $2.99 for the iPhone OS version of Primrose.[3] The latest version of the game is version 6 released on May 11rd, 2009.[4]


It is a tile-clearing game which takes place on a grid. The game has no time limit for moving. The game also has an online highscore ranking system. It also records the player's plays allowing players to learn each other's strategies.

Primrose also has a mode specifically designed for color-blind players.

Version history[edit]

Version Date
2[4] 2009-02-19
3[4] 2009-02-25
5[4] 2009-04-03
6[4] 2009-05-11


PocketGamer gave Primrose a 9 out of 10.[5]


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