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{Gameinfo |title = Rigs of Rods |image = File:Rigs of Rods TurboTwin.jpg |caption = The DAF rally truck in V0.15 |genre = Racing |author = |developer = pricorde(2005-2009), RoRThomas(2008-2014), Rigs of Rods Contributors(2014-Today) [1] |code license = GPLv3 |media license = |engine = OGRE |latest release = |release date = November 20th, 2016 |release date iso = 2016-11-20 |release announcement = https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods/releases/tag/ |language = C++ |library = |platform = Windows , Linux

|link homepage = http://www.rigsofrods.org |chat = https://discord.gg/rigsofrods |link feed = |link forum = https://forum.rigsofrods.org/ |link pad = |link project = https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods |link tracker = https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods/issues |link scmweb = https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods |scm = git clone https://github.com/RigsOfRods/rigs-of-rods.git }}

Rigs of Rods (RoR) is a 3D vehicle simulator licensed under the GPLv3. What makes Rigs of Rods different to most simulators is its unique soft-body physics: vehicles, machines, objects, etc. are simulated in real-time as flexible soft-body objects, giving the simulation an extremely accurate behaviour which entirely depends on the physical construction of the vehicles or objects you create.


  • Soft-body physics. Objects according to their weight distribution, construction, and/or suspension (in the case of vehicles).
  • Advanced flight model based on blade element theory. It allows the accurate simulation of any airplane, based entirely on its physical dimensions and wing airfoils, similar to X-Plane.
  • Accurate buoyancy model based on elemental pressure gradients, enabling boats with complex hulls to move realistically in the swell.
  • Scripting support using AngelScript.
  • Based on the OGRE Graphics Engine

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