Tanks of Freedom II

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Tanks of Freedom II
Tanks of Freedom II.png
A skirmish match between Amber Noon and Ruby Dusk
Latest release0.6.1  (Announcement)
Release dateMarch 1st, 2024
PlatformsWindows, Linux
DeveloperWojciech Chojnacki
Code licenseMIT[1]
Media licensesMIT, CC BY 4.0, CC-BY-SA 4.0, CC0, OFL, Apache License 2.0[1][2]
P. languageGDScript
Tanks of Freedom II is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Tanks of Freedom II (ToF II, earlier also Tanks of Freedom 3-D) is a turn-based strategy game for 1 - 4 players. The game has been created using Godot Engine. Game offers four single-player campaigns, as well as a skirmish mode, that can be played vs AI or other players in hot-seat, over LAN[3], or online via a relay server.[4]

It's possible to import maps from its predecessor Tanks of Freedom.[5]


Player acts as a commander of an army belonging to one of the four fictional nations inhabiting the game's world. Most basic objective in skirmish games is to destroy all opposing nations by capturing their HQ buildings. Campaign missions provide greater variety of objectives, from capturing specific buildings, defeating specific VIP units, escorting a VIP to specific point, to building up specific amount of units and resources.

Simplified resource system awards player with points for each building they control, which can be spent on building new units, and moving them on the map.

In addition to the set of units available in the first game: Infantry, Tanks and (Attack) Helicopters, Tanks of Freedom II adds new types of units: Mobile Infantry, Scout Helicopters and Rocket Artillery. Heroes are a new, special type of unit available in limited number, that affect the battlefield with their passive abilities.

Each type of unit has specific use on the battlefield, encouraging players to create mixed force instead of producing only one type.

All units gain experience when they defeat enemy units. For every two kills, they are awarded a level up, with level three being maximum. Levels grants bonuses to the unit, the most important one being access to an active skill.


There are four nations, each one having a canonic colour assigned to it. Every nation has access to the same set of common buildings and units, that differ only in visual style. Hero units are locked to HQ buildings of their corresponding nations.

  • Sapphire Dawn (Blue): A democratic, capitalist nation that values business, ambition and freedom. Their units and buildings have modern style.
  • Ruby Dusk (Red): An industrial nation, that values hard work and ingeniuity. Their units and buildings have steampunk style.
  • Jade Twilight (Green): A peacful and prosperous nation, consisting of a federation of smaller cultures. Values science and diplomacy. Their units and buildings have futuristic style.
  • Amber Noon (Yellow): A feudal nation, that values honor and courage. Led by a royal family. Their units and buildings have medieval style.


  • Infantry: Basic unit. Cheap and slow, can hit flying units and capture buildings. Special ability: Heavy Weapon.
  • Tank: Armoured unit. Moderate cost and range. Very powerful attack. Can not hit flying units. Special ability: Long-range shell.
  • Attack Helicopter: Flying unit. High cost and range. Can move over impassible terrain. Special ability: Troop transport.
  • Mobile Infantry: Support unit. Cheap and moderately fast. Can not attack flying units, but can capture buildings. Special ability: First Aid and Repair Kit
  • Scout Helicopter: Flying unit. Moderate cost and very high range. Lighter version of helicopter. Special ability: Rapid response.
  • Rocket Artillery: Ranged unit. Very expensive, low speed, and fragile. Can't engage in regular attacks, uses active ability instead. Active Ability: Missile and Heavy Missile.


  • The General
    • Passive: Recruitment: Barracks units cost 10 AP less to deploy.
    • Active: Deep Strike: Drop an Infantry unit with no MP within 2 tiles.
  • The Commando
    • Passive: Trained Specialist: All unit skill CDs are reduced by 1
    • Active: Infiltration: Hero teleports in range up to 2 tiles with 1 MP left
  • The Gentleman
    • Passive: Optimise: Each Tower gives additional 5AP per turn
    • Active: Targeting Automaton: up to 4 neighbouring Tanks can now attack air units until next turn. Non-Tank units get +1 Damage instead.
  • The Noble
    • Passive: Efficient: Factory units cost 10 AP less to deploy
    • Active: Hardened Armour: Units within 2 tiles get +1 Armour until next turn
  • The Admiral
    • Passive: Air superiority: Airfield units cost 10 AP less to deploy
    • Active: Precision Strike: Target field and it's neighbours are hit for 5 HP bypassing armour
  • The Captain
    • Passive: Mentor: All Infantry and Mobile Infantry units start at level 1
    • Active: Supply: Heal up to four neighbouring units for up to 5HP
  • The Prince
    • Passive: High Morale: Infantry and Mobile Infantry units get +1 Damage and +1 Armour
    • Active: Inspire - replenish movement and attack points of a unit within 2 tiles, reset CD on active skill
  • The Warlord
    • Passive: Intimidate: Claiming buildings now uses all MP instead of consuming a unit
    • Active: Promote: Upgrade a neighbouring unit by 1 level


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