VMS Empire

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VMS Empire
empire - the wargame of the century
GenreTurn-based strategy
Latest release1.14
Release dateJanuary 5th, 2016
DeveloperEric S. Raymond, Chuck Simmons, Ed James
Code licenseGPL v2
Media licenseno media
P. languageC
VMS Empire is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

VMS Empire is a war simulation between the player and the computer.

Game play[edit]

VMS Empire uses characters to represent the game world: It consists of sea (.), land (+), uncontrolled cities (*), computer-controlled cities (X), and cities that the player controls (O).

The game starts with one city per party. Cities produce pieces which can be used to expand the empire.

Piece Player Computer Moves Hits Strength Costs
Army A a 1 1 1 5(6)
Fighter F f 8 1 1 10(12)
Patrol Boat P p 4 1 1 15(18)
Destroyer D d 2 3 1 20(24)
Submarine S s 2 2 3 20(24)
Troop Transport T t 2 1 1 30(36)
Aircraft Carrier C c 2 8 1 30(36)
Battleship B b 2 10 2 40(48)
Satellite Z z 10 -- -- 50(60)

Map coordinates consists of two digits for the row and two digits for the column.[1]


The Empire game was originally written by Walter Bright. Craig Leres added support for different terminal types and eventually it was ported to curses by Ed James. The C/Unix version written by Chuck Simmons and colourized by Eric S. Raymond.[1]

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