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GenresArcade, Action Platformer
Latest release1.5.0  (Announcement)
Release dateAugust 12th, 2011
DevelopersPiga Software
Code licenseGPLv3
Media licenseGFDL and GPLv3
EngineGambas Platform Engine
P. languageGambas 1.x, 2.x
LibrariesQt, SDL, and the Gambas Runtime Environment.

Windys is a free software action arcade game by Piga Software, originally released on August 12, 2009. It utilizes the Gambas Platform Engine and is designed in a deliberately retro style, featuring ASCII graphics and simulated PC speaker beeps. It is the second Piga game to be released for GNU/Linux, the first being Alexei: Part IX. A bug release version was sent out on September 1, 2011, and a brand new version was released on August 12, 2011 featuring bug fixes, updates proofreading and proper installers on a new Gambas 2 basis.


The game is a simple arcade game. The player must run through a level, climbing up or down ladders to get to various floors, the end goal being to reach the level exit. The players way is obstructed by zombies, who prowl from left to right on some floors, killing the player if encountered (sending him to beginning of the level and removing one of his lives). To get past these menaces, the player may fire a glob of ketchup at them. The ketchup is only a short-range weapon however, so the player must get close to the zombie to hit it. Zombies eventually regenerate. The player needs to keep a supply of ketchup packets in order to fire. The player may also collect bonus items such as burgers, soda, or fries. There are some areas that are closed off with doors, inside of which are usually decorative items. Victor, the final boss, has no attack, except for generating super zombies. Super zombies can climb down ladders a the player and regenerate immediately after being shot, or after reaching the bottom of the level. There are nine levels plus a boss level and a secret level.


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  • Graham L. Wilson - head programmer, designer.
  • Hamish Wilson - programmer, levels, designer.
  • Malcolm Wilson - soundtrack.

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