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Latest release1.01  (Announcement)
Release dateDec, 1, 2020
Code licenseCC0
Media licenseCC0
P. languageC
Anarch is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Anarch is a completely public domain, free software, suckless 90s-style anarcho-pacifist Doom-like libre game. It was created by drummyfish, completely from scratch. The game's aim is to experiment with a different game development philosophy.


Anarch is made for entertainment but also as a manifesto of certain philosophies and ideas, including suckless programming, extreme portability, anti-copyright, selflessness and anarcho-pacifism.

The game is a "pseudo 3D" first person shooter, like Doom, and consists of 10 levels. The graphics uses a 256 color palette and is a little simpler than that of Doom, having e.g. no textures on floor and ceiling and using just 32x32 pixel images. The engine uses software rendering and 2D raycasting for rendering. There are multiple enemy types, weapons and items to pick up. Music is 8bit and procedurally generated (utilizing so called bytebeat).


Some of the aspects of the game worth mentioning are:

  • Extremely small size, being able to fit into 200 KB, including all assets.
  • Very low hardware demands, being able to run on 40 MHz embedded CPUs.
  • No library dependencies – The game core is written in pure C without any I/O, which is left for each platform's frontend to implement.
  • Implementation simplicity – no build system is needed, only a single file needs to be compiled. The whole source code has ~12k lines of code.
  • All assets are part of the source code so no filesystem is required for the game to run.
  • Extreme portability thanks to the above. Official ports exist for PC, terminal, web browser and embedded consoles like Pokitto and Gamebuino Meta.
  • Made completely from scratch with only free software, including the engine, assets and media.
  • Completely public domain status, made completely from scratch by a single person and released under CC0 (with an additional waiver of patents).


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