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Date of Birth: May 4th, 1975
Project(s): SuperTux,Gem Drop X, Defendguin, Circus Linux!
Team(s): New Breed Software
Used license(s):
Position(s): Developer
Bill Kendrick

Bill Kendrick (born May 4, 1975) is the designing and developing lead of New Breed Software and has developed many small games as well as SuperTux, Defendguin, Gem Drop X, Fight or Perish, 3D Pong and Circus Linux!.


Some of New Breed Software's games include:

Mad Bomber[edit]

A remake of the 1981 Atari 2600 video game Kaboom!. The game features up to two players trying to stop a crook from dropping bombs by catching them in barrels of water. The game has been ported to Microsoft Windows from Linux. The game is included on the SuperGamer live-DVD as well as on disks put out by Retro Gaming Magazine and PC Magazine.[1] In August 2007, Mad Bomber was one of first the games included in 'Red', a touchscreen-and-controller based in-flight entertainment system found in Virgin America planes. The game was well received by Maximum Linux Magazine, TheLockerGnome,[2] Linux for Kids,[3] and Games4Linux.[4] A t-shirt based on the game is also available for sale.[5]

Teeter Torture[edit]

Teeter Torture is a shooting game like Space Invaders or Galaga only with the additional challenge of balancing the player's cannon on top of a teeter totter. This means the player must do more than just aim, they must also make sure not to fall. It is based on a 1982 concept by Larry Hutcherson of Exidy.[6] The game is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, MorphOS,[7] Amiga OS 4,[8] Nintendo Wii homebrew[9] and RiscOS.[10] The page also lists links for the original Exidy prototype, now usable through MAME.[11]


BoboBot is a platform game partly inspired by the MegaMan series. The game features no scrolling but does feature eight environments rendered screen-by-screen. The game also features secret areas and a variety of cartoon humour. There are also several boss enemies, after defeating them the player acquires new weapons. The game is available for Linux, Sun Sparc,[12] and the Agenda VR3. The game was praised by Bob Ziminski, maintainer of The Linux Game Tome and the "Linux Quake How-To".[13]


Entombed! is a one to two player maze game inspired by the Atari 2600 game Entombed. The game features a collection of archaeologists who fall into the "catacombs of the zombies" and then must make their way out, using potions to destroy or create walls and other tricks. As time goes on however, the zombies get faster.[14] The Japanese edition of LinuxWorld magazine included Entombed! in their April 2003 issue.[15] The game is available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, GPX2, Zeta Zeta, BeOS, Haiku, MorphOS, AmigaOS 4, RiscOS.[16]


XBomber is a multiplayer grid-based maze game inspired by Bomberman, in which players compete who can be the last man standing after attacking each other with bombs.[17] It features 100 maps and a Grim Reaper|Death character that takes out players that wait too long.[18] The game was well received by Games 4 Linux.[19] The game is available for Linux (RPM package manager|RPM/source), FreeBSD, and Sun Sparc.[20]

PDA Maze[edit]

PDA Maze is a 3D computer graphics first-person maze game developed for the Agenda VR3 but should work on any system supporting the X Window System.[21] The 3D world is pre-rendered to cut down on the speed loss of live rendering and features multi-coloured walls, screen scrolling when rotating, four sky types, mouse and keyboard control systems, timers, sound effects and multiple in-game mini-map options.[22] The game was listed in the "Free Application Showcase" section of the December 2001 issue of a Japanese Linux magazine.[23] The game works on Zaurus,[24] ipaq, Mac OS X[25] and the Atari ST.[26]

Virtual Kendrick[edit]

Virtual Kendrick is a tongue-in-cheek software toy designed to be a desktop application imitating its designer. The game features images of Kendrick with thought bubbles that show his thoughts on things he enjoys such as Linux, Atari computers, his wife Melissa, his cats, and video games in general.[27] The program was designed after a commentator on LinuxGames said "They should port Bill Kendrick [to the Zaurus]", in reference to New Breed Software's vast cross-platform support.[28] The esoteric nature of the application has garnered it praise from[29] and programmer Ryan C. Gordon.[30] The game is available in source form for Linux and the Zaurus to fit with the original comment.[31]


TTT is a one to two player implementation of the classic game Tic-Tac-Toe, developed per request by the American Red Cross.[32] It was designed to have a simple interface with adequate artificial intelligence, silly sounds and to be easy to modify and use.[33] The game runs on Linux, Microsoft Windows, Amiga OS 4,[34] BeOS, Zeta,[35] Haiku, MorphOS and the Sony PSP.[36]


Sludge is a game designed solely for the Atari 8-bit line of home computers, inspired in part by Pipe Mania. The game is a puzzle game involving the player having to place down pipes to redirect stockpiling of a toxic sludge from a local factory away from where it would cause danger. The game contains nine levels of play.[37]


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