Bram Stolk

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Project(s): Stormbaan Coureur, Tux vs Clippy, Crashtest, and Howitzer Skirmish
Team(s): N/A
Used license(s): GPL
Position(s): Programmer

Bram Stolk is a an independent game developer, or INDIEvidual as he likes to call it. He is owner/director of Game Studio Abraham Stolk, and before that in 2007-2010 he was working for Slant Six Games. Bram lives in Vancouver, Canada.[1] He is the author of the GPL licensed games Stormbaan Coureur, Crashtest, Tux vs Clippy and Howitzer Skirmish. He has programmed since the age of 12. Currently, Bram Stolk is experimenting with the ransom model with Howitzer Skirmish. [2]


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