Donut Quest

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Donut Quest
Donut Quest
GenreArcade, Top-down shooter
Latest release1.0.0
Release dateOctober 30, 2006
DeveloperPiga Software
Code licenseGPLv2
Media licenseGPLv2, GFDL
EngineModified "1945" Example
P. languageGame Maker 6.1
LibraryDirect X
Donut Quest is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Donut Quest is free software game for Microsoft Windows made by Piga Software for the Brogo web comic strip released on October 30th 2006. It features the Brogo character Ed Donut (Michelle the mechanic's lazy, dim-witted, and donut obsessed assistant who is also known to have confrontations with spiders), as he fights his way against spiders in a donut factory.


The game was made using Game Maker 5, on Windows 98 Second Edition. They game has been successfully tested on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, and Windows XP, and it should run on all versions of Windows from 95 onwards except possibly Windows Vista and Windows 7. The game is avaible on and various other mirrors as well as the Piga FTP server.

Malcolm Wilson Multimedia made the graphics and music for the game. They would later do audio work for Alexei: Part IX and create the soundtrack for Windys among other work. A rewrite for HTML5 and Javascript has been mooted.


The game is typical of the top-down scrolling genre. Enemies and collectibles come down at the player from the top of the screen, much like a downwards treadmill, this simulates a sense of the player's own movement upward. The player can move left or right to avoid spiders or collect donuts, ammunition, or health packs. The player can also move limitedly up or down for additional control.

If the player has collected a spray can of insecticide it may be used to fire clouds of it upwards to any incoming spiders, if hit the spiders will cough and fall onto their backs dead, no longer able to harm the player. The player must collect more spray cans in order to continue firing and repeated hitting of the fire button will create rapid fire.

If the spiders, while alive, collide with the player than Ed will shout out and and his health bar will decrease. If the health bar reaches zero than it will be brought back to full health at the cost of a life. If the player is out of lives, than the player's dies. The collection of health packs will bring Ed's health back up. The player must continue up through the level, which due to the way it is rendered is slightly different each game, until he reaches a yellow and white finish line. This will take the player to the next level.

Old Hairy, the final boss, appears at the top of the boss level. Once encountered, the game stops to scroll and Old Hairy and Ed's positions remains constant. The giant spider will then fire collections of large black cobwebs down at the player, which will inflict serious damage if they hit Ed. If the player reaches a high enough score by collecting donuts than the bonus level will load up. This level contains no enemies but lots of donuts.

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