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FlightGear is a 3D flight simulation game. The entire game is licensed under the GNU General Public License.[1][2] It is also sold on 3 DVDs. It is written in the C++ [3] and C [4] programming languages.

The project was started in 1996, with its first release in 1997.


FlightGear used a simulation engine called SimGear in addition to a terrain engine called TerraGear. All of which needs PLIB in order to build.[5][6]


The development team consists of ten members.[7]

They are:


Development started in 1996. The first release happened on July 17th, 1997. Rather than developing their own simulation models, they opted to NASA's flight models instead. They transitioned out of beta in 2008.[8] See FlightGear release history for more details.


The FlightGear project sells CDs/DVDs on their website.[9]

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