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Screenshot of Neverball v1.4.0
Latest release1.6.0  (Announcement)
Release dateMay 21st, 2014
DeveloperRobert Kooima
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL[1]
Neverball is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.
Available as a package in:  
Openlogo-debianV2.svg Debian: neverball 
Fedora logo.svg Fedora: neverball  
UbuntuCoF.svg Ubuntu: neverball 
OpenSUSE Logo.svg OpenSUSE: neverball 
Mageia logo small.jpg Mageia: neverball

Neverball is a game of skill in which the player guides a ball through various obstacle courses by tilting the entire level. The game, including the media, is licensed under the GPL. There is a game based on Neverball, called Neverputt. A version was included on OpenSource Game Power volume 1.


The game has a large number of levels from easy to really, really hard. To goal of each level is to collect enough coins to open the exit and then reaching the exit before the time runs out. The game features special objects like switches, timers and moving objects.

Each level has highscores for most coins collected, fastest goal unlock and fastest level finished.

Notable Features[edit]

  • Oculus Rift support
  • custom level creation with GtkRadiant
  • dynamic (moving) objects in levels
  • replay recording
  • many different ball models to choose from


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