Open Quartz

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Open Quartz
GenreFirst-person shooter
Latest release2004.08.01
Release dateAugust 1st, 2004
Code licenseGPL
Media licenseGPL
Open Quartz is a free game. This means that the source code is available to be studied, modified, and distributed. Most projects look for help with testing, documentation, graphics, etc., as well.

Open Quartz is an implementation of the released Quake source, which includes data also under the GNU General Public License. The latest version of Open Quartz is 2004.08.01, with the project started in 2000; then using the QuakeForge engine before later adopting Darkplaces in 2004. The final version features one level in single player, featuring difficulty selection portals and then a battle with tree monsters (who can only be destroyed using explosive weapons) in a wide outdoor arena; multi-player map options are more extensive, with the option to add computer controlled bots via the FrikBots system (press end or pageup ingame).



The OQPlus project directed by the OpenArena developers attempted to revive the effort with a new art direction and the use of assets from the similar Freedoom, but it faded out by mid-2008 (they had also worked on a replacement set for Quake II at one point). Another successor entitled Open Quartz 2 was worked on in 2010 and declared defunct by 2013, which mostly focused on modernizing the codebase such as adding in operable widescreen support. The LibreQuake project was founded a decade later in 2019, using the permissive BSD license and attempting to further develop the Lovecraftian theme of the original Quake. Imports of assets from Nexuiz, Rexuiz, and Xonotic for single player have also been done.

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