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Example of a paint program using pgu's gui
Developed for: Python
Developer(s): Phil Hassey
Release: 0.10.6
Released: March 25th 2007
License: LGPL [1]

Phil's pyGame Utilities, aka PGU is a Pygame library that consists of many high-level modules to provide content for the development of programs - mainly games - in Pygame.

PGU was created and is maintained by Phil Hassey. It is licensed under the LGPL [1]. The latest stable release is pgu-0.16 released on 3-16-2011.[2]


PGU has a rich set of very stable modules, including scripts, tile engines and a gui.


tileedit - a simple tile editor for pygame
leveledit - a simple level editor for pygame
tganew - a tga creator
levelfancy - a magic tool that prettifies your levels for you


algo - collection of algorithms for use in games, etc.
ani - animation loading and manipulating functions
engine - a state engine
fonts - font-like objects
high - classes for handling high score tables
html - a html renderer
layout - document layout engine
text - a collection of text rendering functions
timer - a timer for games with set-rate FPS
vid - sprite and tile engine
tilevid - a basic "square-shaped" tile engine.
isovid - an isometric tile engine
hexvid - a hexagonal tile engine


theme - a theme interface for customizing look and feel
style - applies themes to widgets
widget - base for all widgets
surface - a module for creating smart surfaces from Pygame surfaces, used for cleaner rendering
const - constants used by the gui
container - the base container widget, holds other widgets.
app - top-level widget for any program
table - a widget that allows you to positions widgets in a method similar to HTML layout
document - container for many widgets strung together in a document format
area - a scrollable area
form - a form that automatically stores all named widgets, like all the forms from a website
group - an object for grouping together multiple form elements
basic - a group of non-interactive widgets, they are just for rendering
button - a group of button widgets that include a state button, radio button, checkbox, etc.
input - an input box, like a password box in a website
keysym - widget that records the keysym(name/type/unicode of a key) of the key pressed while this widget is in focus
slider - a group of scrolling/sliding widgets, for moving areas
select - a widget that allows you to select an answer from multiple choices
misc - contains a progress bar
menus - a drop-down menu bar
dialog - contains a window dialog for creating windows with a label and a close button, and a label dialog for searching for files through the system[3]


This is a list of projects using PGU.


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