Tux Racer

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Tux Racer
An image of one of the levels on Tux Racer

TuxRacer is a 3D racing game featuring Tux, the linux mascot. Gameplay consists of sliding down a slope consisting of snow, cliffs, ice, trees, and Herrings.


TuxRacer started out as a simple 3d racing game featuring the Linux mascot. In 2001, the company developing it announced that they were going commercial[clarify]. For some reason, Tux Racer never saw another release after the initial announcement. Another project named PlanetPenguinRacer started a forked version soon after. Although it achieved immense popularity, it too had become abandonware by 2006 But in March 2007, another group of programmers decided to try to revive the project (renaming it to Extreme Tux Racer because of licensing issues).

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