Ingo Ruhnke

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Date of Birth: April 7, 1979
Nick name(s): Grumbel
Project(s): Construo, Feuerkraft, Pingus, Retriever, Robovasion, Windstille, SuperTux, Tux Racer, and Flexlay
Used license(s): GPL
Position(s): Programmer
Ingo Ruhnke
Ingo Ruhnke (born April 7, 1979), also known as Grumbel, is a computer science student at the university of Bielefeld in Germany.


Ingo Ruhnke was born in Bielefeld, where he went to the comprehensive school Stieghorst.[1] He was especially successful in math and biology.[2] He graduated from school in 1998 and spent one year in the German army as a paramedic, which he thought was a complete waste of time.[3][4]

Development philosophy[edit]

Ruhnke has a strategy for starting free game projects: Know what the aim is before announcing the project, be prepared to do all the work, don't aim too low.

He also recommends continuing existing projects, instead of creating new ones.[5]

Game projects[edit]

Ruhnke started many projects:

And worked on many more:

Ingo Ruhnke also created flexlay for editing levels of several games, as well as being able to create graphics.


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