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RubyWeekend is a game development contest for the Ruby programming language inspired by PyWeek.[1] The RubyWeekend contest was first organized on Rubygame Forums's contest section. The contest is currently hosted on Rubygame site itself, on its forum.


All games are to be licensed under an OSI approved licenses and all media are to be licensed under the Creative Commons variants. There is no award in this contest, only "glory" and "honor". [2]

All ruby libraries are allowed, whether it is Gosu, Rubygame, Rails, or something else. The only requirement is that the game must be written in the Ruby programming language.

In the past, developers are allowed to work in pair if they decided to team up. RubyWekend #3 allows people to work in team of 3 if developers desire.


A user by the pseudonym Venut, the owner of the Rubygame Forums, organized the first contest. John Croisant organized the second contest. The RubyWeekend #3 was organized by Shawn Anderson.

First Contest[edit]

The contest was announced to the public on the ruby-talk and rubygame-users mailing list and at the rubygame blog on June 10th, 2008.[3]

It ran from June 13th, 2008 to June 16th, 2008, lasting more than 48 hours.

Only seven games was submitted before the end of the contest deadline.[4] Ranking was determined by a series of polls for people to rank their top 3 choice.

Voting began on June 17th, 2008.[5]

The winner was announced to be Zombie Soccarrr with 35 points.[6]


Second Contest[edit]

The second contest took place on July 25th, 2008. It started on 16:00 UTC and end on July 27th, 2008 4:00 UTC.(Submission deadline is 1 hour after)[7] This second contest has received more promotion than the last contest. It was announced on the Linux Game Tome, Free Gamer, and the FSDaily, a social news site for free software in addition to the Ruby-talk mailing list and the Rubygame mailing list.

This contest have 7 games submitted before the deadline, same as the first contest. Voting started soon afterward and ended on August 4th, 2008 after the voting deadline has been extended from August 1.[8]

The winner of the second contest is Opposite Islands, with 34 points.[9]


Third contest[edit]

The second contest took place about a year after the first contest. It ran from June 26th, 2009 00:01UTC to June 28th, 2009 23:59UTC.[10] First place and winner of the contest goes to Ant Frenzy with 10 points.



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