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GenreRacing game
Latest release0.9.3  (Announcement)
Release dateNovember 20th, 2017
Code licenseGPLv3[1]
Media licenseSince version 0.8 all free licenses (Gnu GPL 2.0 and 3.0+, Creative-Commons-BY(-SA) 3.0, Public Domain)[2]
P. languageC++
LibraryIrrlicht fork, Bullet and OpenAL

SuperTuxKart is a racing game featuring the Linux kernel mascot Tux. It is an enhanced fork of TuxKart.[3][4] It is written in the C++ programming language. It uses Irrlicht for graphics and OpenAL for sounds.[5]

SuperTuxKart was worked on by the GotM team through July to December 2004.[6]


The first official version of the game was released in September 2006 as version 0.2.

They have a milestone page planning several versions ahead,[7] and a forum on to coordinate development effort.

The game switched to the Irrlicht graphics engine in version 0.7.[8]


Charles Goodwin proposed the project for GoTM.

The GOTM project was started with the original developer of TuxKart on board, Steve Baker. However, the project goes nowhere Steve Bakers argue with other developers about the direction of the project. Eventually in December 2004, the project was considered dead by Ingo Ruhnke and the work forked off.[9]

According to Steve Baker, the GoTM development team didn't know anything about 3D graphics at all and refused to take his advice. They broke the game, leaving it in an unrunnable and unplayable state.[10]

Eventually the project was picked up by somebody else and was developed to the status it is today.[11]


The development team for SuperTuxKart consists of 4 core members[12] :

  • Joerg Henrichs (Hiker)
  • Marianne Gagnon (Auria)
  • Jean-Manuel Clemençon (Samuncle) (tracks)
  • Stephen Just (add-ons website)

Version history[edit]

Version Date Notes
0.2 2006-10-03 Initial release
0.3 2007-07-10
0.3 [13] 2007-07-10 It add support for fullscreen mode, new karts, improved AIs, high score lists among others feature addition.
0.4 [14] 2008-05-05 There were the usual improvements in kart, AIs, and tracks. Also, better physics and improved GUI and input handling were added.
0.5 [15] 2008-06-01 Several new and improved tracks were added. The player has to complete the challenge mode to unlock the tracks. Also the GUI and gaming control handling were improved.
0.6 2009-01-15 New game mode 3 strikes battle, New sounds and music
0.6.1 2009-02-25 New kart puffy and Bug fixes
0.6.2 2009-07-07 Bug fixes
0.7 2010-12-15 New game engine, new tracks, new GUI and several improvements
0.7.1 2011-04-20 New particle system and weather (rain, snow)
0.7.2 2011-07-15 Bug fixes and an addons manager
0.7.3 2011-11-02 New tracks and new items
0.8 2012-12-10 AI improved, new skidding and several tracks improved. A new way to unlock tracks with the story mode
0.8.1[16] 2013-12-26 Several bug fixes, new karts and Wiimote support


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